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WOW Dragonfruit 1ML Cart

WOW Dragonfruit 1ML Cart

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Dragon Fruit: This e-juice has the tropical flavor of fresh dragon fruit. The crisp, sweet taste and the peculiar flavor are spot-on delicious.

Wow Vapors makes premium Delta 8 cartridge with a high level of Delta 8 THC.  Wow Vapors do not only have a high concentration level of Delta 8, but they also taste good. 

You can expect a good ‘high’ from Delta 8 THC products. The effect you’ll experience is similar to what you get from smoking cannabis. However, Delta 8 generally produces a mild ‘high’. Since Wow Vapors contains a relatively high level of Delta 8, the ‘high’ you will get from vaping these cartridges is more intense than usual.

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