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Slick Silicone Key Chain

Slick Silicone Key Chain

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The Round Silicone Keychain Wax Container is a pocket-friendly storage unit for taking your concentrates on the go. The silicone material keeps waxes from sticking to the sides while the small holes in the protrusions make a perfect channel for a keyring or small chain. As if dabbing wasn't convenient enough already, now it's easy to take with you anywhere. The slick silicone is easy to clean and makes sure that you can get every last bit of your wax out of the container, while also ensuring that your wax is kept fresh for a delicious dabbing experience.

🔑 SUPER PORTABLE - Keychain Style

🔑 POP OF COLOR - Choose Your Fave

🔑 EASY CLEANING - High Quality Silicone

🔑 KEEPS WAX FRESH - For Tasty Dabs

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