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RAW Connoissuer 1 1\4 & Tips

RAW Connoissuer 1 1\4 & Tips

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Raw Connoisseur packs are standard Raw 1 ¼ papers included with an equal amount of filter tips for a one-stop-roll pack that contains all you need for a great roll; just add the herb! The pack has papers on one side and tips on the other, all secured by an elastic band that keeps the pack looking clean. Raw Classic papers are made of unbleached, unrefined fibers, giving them a brown, nearly transparent look that allows you to view your herbs and looks great. The papers have a natural hemp gum strip as well as Raw’s CrissCross watermark that prevents runs and burns slow.

Other Details

 1 ¼ size papers (79mm x 44mm) with filter tips

 32 papers and 32 filter tips per pack

 Patented CrissCross watermark

 Hemp gum strip

 Made in Alcoy, Spain

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