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Pot Leaf Mini Beaker Glow in Dark

Pot Leaf Mini Beaker Glow in Dark

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This Marijuana Leaf Beaker Bong is made for the fans .In fact , it comes with a 7mm wall solid glass!!!!

Firstly,the design is the famous Marijuana Leaf, simple ,effective and it stands out  . Secondly,it glows in the dark .Thirdly, the base of this billy is flat,thick and sturdy and it comes with an ice catcher . Lastly,cleaning is a charm, all you need is some brushes  and a bong cleaner which can be found here.

Important details :

  • Measures around 35 cm in height (approx).
  • Plain clear &  see through glass base, very reliable ,Marijuana leaf Glass Bong Design.
  • The base is flat and sturdy.
  • Comes with a shot-hole /shotty.
  • Includes  an Ice Catcher.
  • 7mm thickness.
  • The mouth piece is wide and helps with a sealed  suction.
  • Includes a great and durable quality glass coin cone piece .
  • Includes a glass stem with a 19 mm joint and 14 mm opening.
  • The stem and cone piece also glows in the dark
  • The cone piece size is 14 mm.
  • A Large size bong.
  • Comes in clear and white leaves design.

Large bongs are smoother to smoke out of , the smoke travel through the main chamber and take its time to cool down before entering your lungs.

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