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PHOENIX Waterpipe W/Freeze Chamber Black

PHOENIX Waterpipe W/Freeze Chamber Black

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This approximately 12 inch beaker bong boasts attractive, subtle design elements and a removable freezable coil. With so much diversity in the glass industry, smokers can test out what parts and pieces they prefer to create optimum tokes. Ice-pinches and percolators are examples of add-ons that help filter and cool the smoke and temper any unwanted harshness. A freezable coil bong takes on both the ice and percolator roles to create a premium smoking experience. 

How the 12 Inch Freezable Glass Coil Bong Works

The coil of this bong can be removed and chilled in a freezer for as long or as little as you prefer. It is surrounded by liquid glycerine, an organic FDA-approved material that prevents ice from forming and keeps the coil cold for an extended period. 

After freezing, attach the coil to the beaker base with a keck clip to securely hold it in place. The keck clip is simply a plastic clamp that connects the two pieces. Once attached and the bowl filled and lit to your liking, smoke enters this pipe via a diffused downstem. It is then filtered through the water before traveling through the cold coil before being inhaled. Winding its way up the frozen spiral results in a refreshing coolness, similar to an ice-pinch. It's a matter of taste, but one reason some prefer coil bongs to ice-pinch bongs is there is no melting that could overfill the chamber and result in unpleasant backsplash.

This particular coil bong comes with two mesmerizing gold and black mandala designs, one on the bottom of the beaker base the other on the roll stop. The stop peg will protect the coil attachment from rolling around in the freezer or other surfaces when it is placed down horizontally. 

  • Height: Approximately 12 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm female joint
  • Bowl Size: 14mm male
  • Functionality: Diffused downstem and freezable coil
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