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OCB Virgin Single Wide Rolling Papers

OCB Virgin Single Wide Rolling Papers

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OCB single wide rolling papers are small in size and are super thin and transparent. They burn clean and at a slow rate. The single wide size is very popular, especially amongst the smokers who believe in rolling up their own rolls. 

Mild Flavors

OCB rolling papers do not emit strong or harsh flavors. Hence, you can relish your preferred flower. They have a very mild flavor of their own. No chemicals or additives are added to them. Therefore, smokers get an authentic smoking experience.

Unbleached Hemp

The papers are made from natural unbleached hemp. They are a healthier alternative to other standard rolling papers. The colors of the papers vary depending on how old the leaves are. The papers are neither treated with chemicals nor chlorine. 

Thin Papers

The rolling papers are made with fine fibers, which gives it a smooth and transparent finish. Since they are ultralight and ultrathin, they have to be rolled carefully to enjoy it to the fullest. 

The way these papers are watermarked ensures that they burn evenly and gradually. Each pack contains 24 leaflets. The papers are manufactured in an environmental-friendly manner using recycled cardboard and vegetable ink. The craftsmen are skilled and have the precise knowledge that goes into making the finest rolling papers.

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