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OCB Premium Slim Rolling Papers & Tips

OCB Premium Slim Rolling Papers & Tips

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OCB Premium Slim rolling papers are thin and lightweight. They are made from flax plant fibers and utilize a natural arabic gum line for a perfect seal. The lightweight paper ensures your smoke's flavor doesn't get bogged down by too much paper. 

If you're like us then a perfect roll is not complete without a filter tip. This convenient package contains 32 leaves and rolling tips. OCB doesn't skimp on their filter tips either. The pre-cut tips are ink free and as natural as you can get.

Taste the real flavor of your smoke with OCB Premium King Size Slim Papers and Tips.

Key Specs:

  • Convenient packaging bundles both paper and tips
  • King size slim papers measure 109MM long x 45MM wide 
  • Made from flax plant fibers
  • Sold individually - 32 papers and tips per pack
  • Vegetarian papers
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