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Debowler Minimalist Silicon Ashtray

Debowler Minimalist Silicon Ashtray

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About this item

  • Made in Reno NV USA
  • Designed as an ashtray for bowls and pipes specifically, the billet aluminum spike helps to poke and remove clogs as well as weed out leftover ash with ease.
  • Cute and cool designs make this smoking accessory a great conversation piece at your 420 party or during your every day smoking sessions. The colorful anodized poker makes for a fancy ashtray.
  • Catches ash in heat resistant silicone bowl to prevent mess and make cleaning easy. The silicon bowl is the perfect ash catcher and is also dishwasher safe.
  • Debowler is the original ashtray with poker. The silicone line is the newest bowl ashtray from Debowler with an aluminum pipe poker.
  • Silicone rubber Debowlers work great indoors as well as for an outdoor ashtray.
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