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BYO-Amira 24" Tall OSAKA Hookah BLACK

BYO-Amira 24" Tall OSAKA Hookah BLACK

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24" BYO OSAKA Color Box.  

The BYO also known as Amira brand name. Delivers that ease of use and modern application, That has caused these lines to have their own flair. This Hookah Brand is unique and in a stand alone class by itself. Using click technology that creates a perfect seal every time.

 12" Grip Handle Hose with Color Matching Tip, and areospace machined precision stainless steele hidden in it's sleek and elegant design, with an unglazed clay bowl. This hookah gives a smooth feel to a generations old pleasure! 


  • Natural Wood Shaft with Stainless Steel Tube
  • Downtube with Diffuser
  • Aeropsace Grade Aluminum
  • 12" Matching Wooden Hose Handle
  • Medical-Grade Silicone Hose with Spring Guard
  • Black Glass Vase
  • Click Technology - Locks Hookah Stem to Hookah Vase.  


  • BYO Heavy Aluminum Tray
  • BYO Clay Bowl
  • (2 Hose Capable) Stem
  • 12" Grip Handle Hose with Color Matching Tip
  • Black Glass Vase
  • Machined Downstem
  • Tongs


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