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Broadleaf Dudz (20 per bag)

Broadleaf Dudz (20 per bag)

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Introducing Dawson’s Dudz, a 20-pack bundle with 20 perfectly unique leaves ready to go for a discounted price! The Dudz are the same exact tobacco, have the perfect vein structure and all the other qualities of Paxton’s Pearls, they just did not make the cut, nothing that a little TLC or a patch cannot fix. If you are looking for a lighter leaf, thinner leaf or just a bargain smoke (that beats the competitors) the Dudz are just for you! Small batch, 20/20ish!!!!

We here at Brothers Broadleaf value quality and consistency more than anything. Not every pearl “makes the cut” when we are sorting them. Any cigars that we feel are lighter, discolored or has minor imperfections – get put in a special new pile that we are excited to share with you!

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