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Backwoods Russian Cream 5pk

Backwoods Russian Cream 5pk

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The Backwoods Russian Cream Cigarillo is a mild-strength, premium cigarillo with a Natural wrapper. This little cigar is 32 x 4.5 and offers the flavors of chocolate, sweet notes of cream, and a hint of vodka in the first half. You'll then notice the creamy milk, chocolate, and cedar flavors in the second half. This premium cigarillo has a smooth draw and produces a lot of aromatic smoke. It has an oily, chocolate brown wrapper and comes in 8 packs of 5 cigarillos each - a total of 40 cigarillos in every order.

Although this is a shorter cigar, the Backwoods Russian Cream Cigarillo offers the same delightful flavors as a full-size cigar. If you are looking for a sweet, oily quick smoke, then this is a great option for you! Order yours today and get 40 high-quality and affordable cigarillos that you'll love! If you buy them and like them, please come back and leave us a cigar review and let other cigar lovers know what you like about the Backwoods Russian Cream Cigarillos!

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