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DXL .5ML CART Grandaddy Purple D8 .5ML-DXL-CRT

DXL .5ML CART Grandaddy Purple D8 .5ML-DXL-CRT

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Delta XL’s Delta 8 Carts are super easy to use and give you smooth puffs. The 510 threaded cartridges will fit on just about any 510 compatible battery you have. The cartridge has the typical design that we’ve come to expect from cartridges. The ceramic mouthpiece is very comfortable to use. The transparent glass tank allows you to monitor the oil level in your cartridge.

Delta XL Carts contain natural terpenes that give you the flavor of some of the most iconic cannabis strains available today.  

Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain that has a candy-like flavor with notes of grapes and mixed berries. The complex grape and berry aroma is from Mendo Purps and Afghanistan.

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