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25ct Kaboom! KV Capsules KK-KCP-R

25ct Kaboom! KV Capsules KK-KCP-R

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Maeng Da Kava Capsules By Kaboom

Kava is a plant that grows on a South Pacific island and is familiar with its relaxing, anti-anxiety, and pain-relieving effects. Maeng Da Kava Capsules by Kaboom are made of all-natural kava leaves extract, and each capsule contains 1g of kava. If you have chosen kava as your natural supplement for mood-enhancing or eliminating the pain, then you will surely appreciate the quality of these kava capsules.

Container Unit: 25ct - 1g (Each Capsule contains approximately 1 Gram of Kava!)
Extract Type: Kava
Product Facts: 100% all-natural Kava, 1 Gram Triple Zero (000) Capsules

Kaboom is one of the companies interested in bringing nature's benefits into the lives of many people. For many decades people used leaves of the kratom and kava to ease the pain. It is also used as a mood enhancer or energy booster. In high doses, kava acts as a sedative that causes sleepiness.
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