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1000mg Gummy Bears DXL-GB-R

1000mg Gummy Bears DXL-GB-R

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Delta-8 gummies produce stronger effects and take longer to kick in than smoking or vaping. Edibles like our Delta-8 Gummy Bears have to be processed by the digestive system before they can enter the bloodstream and produce the desired effects.

Beginners should start with 1 gummy and wait for at least 90 minutes to gauge the effects before taking the other half. Some people enjoy micro-dosing with Delta-8 Gummy Bears by splitting them into quarters or even smaller portions. We suggest that you limit your consumption to two delta-8 gummies per day to avoid building a tolerance.Delta-8 imparts a sense of relaxation and a light, functional buzz that some refer to as a businessperson’s high. Although the effects are much mellower than regular THC, we recommend that you avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming edibles like our Delta-8 Gummy Bears.

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