About us

We carry numerous brands and a variety of items for your smoking experience.  We carry the most popular brands and new brands. Such as: Raw, Elements, Fume, Cookies, Avid Hemp, Delta XL, Clocked Out, WOW Vapors, Assure NutritionPets Brite, Bob Marley, Elbo, Pearls, and so much more. We also offer CBD oils, Kratom Powder and capsules, Vapes delta and nicotine, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 gummies and candy, glass pipes and even more products.


We deliver superior quality and customer service.  Check out our website, order, pay and your order will be shipped out the next business day! 

We are dedicated and passionate about purchasing the best on the market items.  Our testing team is one of a kind and will always be honest.